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HAL – the IoT Financial – is the next paradigm shift in managing finances. 


  • This disruptive app increases a user’s  wealth  by  incorporating Voice Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Hierarchical Algorithms, Artificial Neural Networks, and Blockchain Technology. 


  • HAL customizes itself as a user’s behavior is learned. 


  • Communications between HAL and users are by voice and text. 


  • Because financial knowledge is not a prerequisite, all users will become wealthier. 


  • HAL’s transactional capabilities allow users to buy POS items, make online purchases, transfer funds, and perform other financial transactions.  Hence, making HAL sticky.


  • Users can provide third parties, such as caregivers for retirees and cognitively disabled adults, limited or complete access to their HAL account.


  • HAL makes personal financial apps – including Quicken and Mint – obsolete.

  • Digitization makes HAL universally affordable; thereby, enabling this transformative app to be socially impactful as well as immensely profitable.

Below is a link to the HAL video, which is a prototype of the app. The video can be viewed on smartphones and desktops.

To watch the HAL video,  go to    The website’s   After-Action   Review and HAL  Documents pages provide additional information regarding HAL. The password for both the HAL Video  and Documents pages is 2010.

The  video  demonstrates the  interaction  between   HAL  and  Dave,   who is a  financially  sophisticated  consumer.      This is not to imply that  HAL  is meant to be used only by those who are financially literate.  HAL will be invaluable to financially inexperienced users.




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