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HAL Manages Personal Finances, Managing Finances Increases Net Worth

HAL is a tool to empower individuals to manage personal finances; for example, lowering their living costs, creating a rainy day fund, and increasing their family’s net worth.

  • HAL enables anyone, including the financially inexperienced, to be in control of their finances.

  • Managing one’s finances, such as, paying bills, budgeting, lowering expenses, saving more, and investing, will allow those on the lower rungs of the income ladder – the working poor + the middle class + retirees + cognitively disabled adults – to profoundly improve their living standards.

HAL is a disruptive financial app.  This once-in-a-generation AI application digitizes personal finances to help people lead more financially secure lives.

  • These four technological components differentiate HAL from all financial applications:  Voice Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Hierarchical Algorithm Logic, and AI Deep Learning.

  • HAL customizes itself for each user along with learning their behavior.

  • Information exchange between HAL and the user is by text and voice.

  • HAL’s transactional capabilities allow users to buy POS items, make online purchases, transfer funds, and perform other financial transactions.

  • Users can provide third parties, such as caregivers for retirees and cognitively disabled adults, limited or complete access to their HAL account.

  • HAL can be used on smartphones and desktops.

  • HAL makes personal financial apps – including Quicken and Mint – obsolete.

  • HAL represents a paradigm shift in managing finances.

Below is a link to the HAL video, which is a prototype of the app.  The video can be viewed on smartphones and desktops.

To watch the HAL video, go to  The website’s About and Documents pages provide additional information regarding HAL.  The password for both the HAL Video and Documents pages is 2010.

The video demonstrates the interaction between HAL and Dave, who is a financially sophisticated consumer.  This is not to imply that HAL is meant to be used only by those who are financially literate.  HAL will be invaluable to financially inexperienced users.


It’s Not How Much You Earn, It’s How Much You Save

The HAL Project

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